7 Things Every Cornellian Has

Going to Cornell will make you get things you never thought you needed.These are the objects so many of us have in common that we don’t even think twice about them. How many of these items do you have with you right now?

  1. A CTB Sticker

Collegetown Bagels stickers are everywhere at Cornell. Do you even go here if you don’t have a CTB sticker on your laptop? They’re like a badge of all the memories we’ve had in Collegetown.


  1. A Suit

There are companies, career fairs or networking events pretty much every day at Cornell, so pretty much every student has a suit in the back of their closet. It’s completely normal to see people all dressed up in class. In fact, it might make you wonder what email you might have missed.


  1. A Bus App

These hills are brutal, so buses are one of the easiest ways to get around campus and Ithaca. A lot of people use bus apps to know what time the next bus is coming. They also tell you where you can get picked up and dropped off, making it way easier to navigate the bus schedule.

bus app.jpg

4. A Phone Wallet

Your  student ID is like your lifeline at Cornell. Without it, you can’t get into your dorm, use your meal plan, do laundry, ride the bus, or prove that you’re a student. Freshman get lanyards, but most people have a wallet that sticks on to the back of their phone so that they can access their card quickly and it doesn’t get lost.


  1. An iClicker

Because some of the classes at Cornell can get pretty large, a lot of professors use iClickers to ask questions during lecture. It’s nearly impossible to graduate without having one class that requires you to get one. There’s always a big rush at the bookstore to buy one at the beginning of the year.


  1. The “I Just Got Into Cornell” Sweatshirt

Everyone has that one sweatshirt they bought when they got accepted. It’s red, grey or black and says CORNELL across the chest. It’s easy to throw on when you don’t feel like thinking about your outfit that day.


  1. Teagle Shirts (Athletes)

Are you on the football team? Baseball? Gymnastics? Track & Field? It doesn’t matter! Every athlete gets the same exact grey Cornell Athletics shirt from Teagle Hall, hence the name “Teagle Shirt”. It gives people absolutely no indication of which team you’re on, and you feel like you’re back in high school gym class again.

teagle shirt.png

There are so many things that are so normal to us until we try to explain them to our friends at home. You never feel yourself turning into a Cornellian, you just become one.Cornell has an extremely diverse student body, but there are some things that unconsciously tie us all together.

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