Get Out a Must-See


This afternoon, there was an advanced screening of the movie “Get Out” at the Cornell Cinema. The horror movie stars Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. It was written and directed by Jordan Peele, from the popular show Key & Peele. The movie will officially be released on February 24, 2017.

The movie follows a black man meeting his white girlfriend’s family for the first time. What starts off as awkward and uncomfortable interactions with her family turns into the realization that multiple black men have gone missing in the very suburb that he is visiting. Throughout the movie, we find out more and more unusual things happening in the neighborhood.


The movie tackles so many subjects at once. Interracial couples, racism, appropriation, and white privilege are all touched upon in an indirect way. It was the first horror movie that I’ve seen that also included social commentary. Different people walked away from the movie with different messages and takeaways.

The movie is scary. Everyone in the theater was jumping up and screaming. It will have you from start to finish. You figure out what’s going on in bits and pieces, which I think is part of what keeps you wanting more until the end. Yes- you can probably find a version of it online, but it is so much more fun watching it in a group and hearing everyone scream and tense up together.


The movie is also very funny. The scenes with awkward interactions that he has with her family are extremely relatable. The best friend also makes a lot of jokes that had the whole room laughing. It will have you smiling just as much as it has you on the edge of your seat.

The last thing I want to mention is that the acting was incredible. All of the characters were believable. There wasn’t a moment where I remembered that I was watching a movie. I was in that world for the entire two hours.

This movie is definitely a must-see. If you’re not really into horror films, I think there is something in it for you too. It’s multi-dimensional and extremely clever. I’m glad that we got this look into Jordan Peele’s mind, and I hope he continues to write and direct in the future.


Watch the trailer with the link below.

Get Out Movie Trailer

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